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As a result of our commitment to deliver innovative and revolutionary products to the merchant processing industry, we are always in search for the next best solution for our customers. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us and we will contact you at our earliest opportunity.

Make your life easier

Without any management solution you can only serve a small number of people. POS systems are connecting your employees to a large information cloud that makes the work faster, easier and more reliable.
You can get the appropriate information, for example where is the product that the customer is searching for and you can get the details about it. Another advantage is the connection between the employees when the product is made after the ordering.
In a restaurant, the chefs get the order immediately and can start working on it. It really speeds up the service.
In addition you can maybe receive orders from the internet or a mobile application.


Vianet'pos is a startup company in Los Angeles to give the retails and hospitality businesses the best point of sales systems.

With us, you can find the best POS / Management solution for your company. We have specialists for each segment of the market, so we can help the installation progress with our experience.

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We offer a wide variety of innovative solutions, equipment and platform options to meet your specific needs.

We are committed to continuously investing in new technologies and solutions that addresses today’s merchant needs and those of tomorrow. Vianet'pos works only with industrial leaders in restaurant and retail management solutions. Rich functionality, multi-national capabilities, and unparalleled flexibility are key elements of our Company.


We has innovated retail software solutions to help retailers optimize business operations.

So the businesses have more time to focus on what really matters – cultivating customer engagement and capitalizing on retail’s trends. Vianet'pos is the chosen partner for omni-channel strategy by retailers in over nationwide.

  • Choose the best POS solution for your business.

  • We customize it for your needs...

  • and set up the terminals at your location.

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